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about the Eighth Scientific Conference

"Architectural Heritage of Europe and East Prussia:  the research, the questions of restoration and reconstruction, the capabilities of the modern use"

Kaliningrad, Russia

26-27 October 2012

1. The organizers of  conference:
Municipal museum of  local history "Friedland Gate “
With the support of the administration of the urban district "City of Kaliningrad"

2. Where the conference will take place
Museum "Friedland Gate" (Dzerzhinsky street, 30)

3. The purpose of the conference:
The promotion of research, preservation and popularization of architectural heritage of  Europe.

4. The topics for discussion we suggest:
• The questions of the protection and popularization of architectural heritage: the problems and their solutions .
• Opportunities of  museumfication and using of architectural heritage in a modern urban environment.
• Issues of research, conservation, restoration of architectural heritage.
• The historical process and objects of architectural heritage: new facts and relationships.

Special request of the organizers. Due the plans of restoration of Friedland Gate exist, the conference organizers are particularly interested in reports, devoted to the design features of earthen ramparts  on fortification constructions  (strata, drainage systems, examples of reconstruction and restoration, etc.).

5. The languages ​​of the conference:
Russian and English

6. Participants of the conference:
The museums and  archives employees, research workers of high-schools and universities involved in the study of architectural heritage, archeologists,  workers of  agency for protection of monuments of history and culture, architects, restorers,  tenants of  monuments, local historians, representatives of tourist agencies.

7. Schedule:
10.26.2012 (Friday) - conference session
27.10.2012 (Saturday) - external session of the conference: sightseeing tours through the historic center of Kaliningrad on the tram, as an example of the use of modern transport infrastructure for the promotion of historical heritage.

8. Registration and fees:
Application-forms for registration and texts of the reports are accepted by e-mail - friedlander_tor@mail.ru. Online registration on the museum site -   http://fvmuseum.ru/tour.
There is not registration fee for the taking part in the conference.
Taking part in the conference is for free.

Deadline for registration of speakers - October 10.
The registration of speakers is only after the provision of theses (1-2 pages) of report or full report text for publication.
The deadline for registration of participants of the conference - October 15.
The deadline for registration of participants of external session -   October 15. Because of the limited number of places in tram for the participating in the external session first of all are to register speakers, participants from other regions of Russia and from European countries, the museum workers and the employee of Kaliningrad region and city administrations.

9. Conditions of travel, accommodation and food:
The transfer, accommodation and meals for participants of conference are paid by participants themselves or by organization, which send them to the conference. During the conference coffee breaks are provided.
The organizing committee will assist in booking hotels, transfer from the railway station or airport.

For foreign participants the organizers will help in getting a cost free Russian visa.

10. Requirements for reports.
Reports should comply with the topics of the conference and to have a scientific or practical importance. Time of the report - 15 minutes, discussion - 5 minutes.

The full text of the report should be granted for publication at the day of the conference in electronic form and in printed form (on paper) by the registration desk (from 3 to 15 pages, Times New Roman font, size 13, line spacing 1.5). Footnotes are placed page by page in the footer. Illustrative material should be supply with number and title. In the text should be references to concrete illustrations.
Author's name, affiliation, title, degree, title, city, e-mail address must be indicated on the first page.

The reports are published in the form of a collection of articles (graphic illustrations include in the text) with the enclosure of color illustrations and presentations on CD-ROM.

11. Contacts:
Conference coordinators: Katerina  Korsik (organizational issues), Anastasia Vertyashkina, Andreу Martynyuk (content).
e-mail: friedlander_tor@mail.ru,
Phone: 007 4012 64 40 20, fax: 007 4012 63 15 20
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